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Song 8I Saw The Light

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"I Saw The Light," originally recorded by Todd Rundgren in 1972, is the 8th song from David Uosikkinen's In The Pocket. Todd Rundgren continues to be an inspiration.


David Uosikkinen

The Hooters - Drums


  • Cliff Hillis

    Singer-Songwriter / Ike

    Lead Vocals / Guitar
  • Steve Butler

    Smash Palace

    Lead Guitar / Background Vocals
  • Fran Smith, Jr

    The Hooters

    Bass / Background Vocals
  • Wally Smith

    Smash Palace

"I Saw The Light" was the quintessential Todd Rungren pop song. It's timeless," says David Uosikkinen. "I felt that In The Pocket needed to record this one, and Cliff Hillis was the perfect choice. He brings his power-pop prowess to the track and he delivers."

Be sure to let me know what you think of this song. Production had to be suspended temporarily because I was looking after my folks, who are needing a bit more help in their old age. Eventually we hired someone from the company Home Care Assistance Carlsbad, and since then we have been able to get back on track with making music. Despite the hiatus, I think it came out of ok and you can't even tell. You never know with music though. What do you think?

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